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More Accessibility, Less Cost, More Dignity The GT mobile armchair device is the result of a partnership between the Iveco Carrier and the Elevittá Elevadores. Iveco is part of the CNH Industrial group, one of the largest industrial groups in the world, with revenues of over US $ 23 billion in 2015. A project developed by Elevittá to meet a demand from Iveco Latin America. The project allowed the Iveco carmaker to launch the first accessibility-capable 18-passenger Van, the largest capacity on the market, Daily Elevittá, a product that carries both brands and leaves the factory already with accessibility and social inclusion, is part of the Iveco Bus product portfolio division focused on public transport.


More Accessibility, Less Cost, More Agility and More Capacity The “New Lift” mobile armchair is the result of a partnership between MAN Latin America and Elevittá Elevadores, MAN Latin America was officially established in 16 of March 2009, with the acquisition of Volkswagen Trucks and Buses by MAN SE (parent company of the MAN Group). With a total production capacity of 80,000 vehicles per year, it is the largest manufacturer of trucks, and the second largest bus, in South America. This project was born of an agreement signed between the companies for the development of mobile armchair concept for a special project that for contractual reasons can not be revealed. The agreement between the companies does not generate exclusivity, which allows expansion to other markets, assemblers and bus manufacturers.


Mobile Armchair Device for Road Transport Accessibility in road transport today is almost non-existent and is one of the great challenges for today’s operators and vehicle manufacturers, especially regarding compliance with current legislation. The INMETRO ordinance 294/2016, which requires all road buses to leave the factory already with lifts to promote accessibility, becomes effective on July 1, 2017. Conventional equipment generates a significant economic impact on the operators of the transportation system.