Accessibility, inclusion and profitability in a single equipment.

The GT model mobile armchair is the result of a partnership between the Iveco Bus Carrier and the Elevittá Elevadores, and was designed to bring greater comfort, safety and dignity in the transportation of passengers in Vans without losing vehicle capacity.
The project developed by Elevittá is compatible with all types of Vans from the domestic market and Latin America being marketed and distributed to all regions of the country and is also exported to more than six countries.


Ease of installation;
Lower cost of market installation;
Do not lose seats in the vehicle;
It does not change the structural characteristics of the vehicle;
It is electric and automatic;
It is the lightest in the category;
It is the most practical of the Market;
It allows to carry up to 3 wheelchairs in the same vehicle;
Record shipment time.

Accessibility for all is what moves us!

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