Practicality, Inclusion and the best cost-benefit of the market.

The mobile armchair device – NL is the result of a partnership between MAN Latin America Carrier and Elevittá Elevadores.

The equipment was developed to solve a problem of accessibility in school vehicles, bringing more comfort, autonomy and practicality of operation significantly reducing maintenance costs and the possibility of stopping the equipment.

Currently all school buses manufactured in Brazil have this technology, which allows our children with disabilities or reduced mobility, to attend schools throughout the national territory through the CAMINHOS DA ESCOLA program.

Currently this concept of equipment already runs throughout the national territory and in some countries of Latin America, and can be applied in various types of bodies, from micro buses to long distance buses.


It allows the shipment in rural region;

It is the lightest equipment on the market;

Allows to be installed at the end of the productive process of the vehicle;

Best value for money;

Lower cost of installation;

Does not reduce the number of armchairs in the vehicle;

It is compatible with urban bus, road and micro bus.

Accessibility for all is what moves us!

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